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Welcome to Access

A typical compact wlk-in bathroom

Our name says it all

The wide range of our walk-in bathtubs provides the accessibility you need to bathe comfortably, safely and independently.

When you purchase an Access tub you can be sure it has been hand built by fully-trained skilled craftsmen.

Close attention to detail ensures that our high standards are met every time.

Behind the scenes

Door handleEach bath is built around a 1 inch box-section adjustable steel frame to prevent twisting and leaking, causes of problems on less well designed products carried by our competitors.

Special attention is paid to features such as door seals, latches and hinges. We will not cut corners to produce inferior products - our baths are built to last.

And there's more!

Bath doorYour bathroom, like any other part of your home, is a place you want to make your own. To help you to do this we have available a range of enhancements. We realise that a bathroom is more than just a bath.

With our product range, years of experience and committed after-sales service, we believe we can give you the best possible quality and value.

We'd love to hear from you!


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